Is Mobile APP learning Influential?

Every sector in the economy is accelerated by growth due to Digitization. It has pervaded almost all walks of our life– allowing us to be better, Speedy and save time and money. The immense impact of mobile in our lives today is no news. It is not distinctive for the education sector. The sector has witnessed a huge shift through the Covid 19- induced lockdown. Today, education is now about creativity, smart learning, and critical thinking. In fact, educational institutions and schools are able to teach through online platforms, provide study materials, and can manage each and every student equally as per their performance. For the education sector, mobile app learning provide a better and more interactive way of imparting education.

The edifications in teaching and learning practices are opening up through mobile apps, which now enhance the education system superb than before. With the coming of educational apps, the traditional classroom based teaching substituted with smart learning.

Mobile app learning

How mobile apps contribute to the educational industry?

We can see real examples in today’s world of how the education sector is being shaken up by some incredible innovations in mobile apps favouring this industry. Countries like US, Uk, Australia, Malaysia have already made miracles and advancements in the education sector which aided the learning of students unchallenging. Udemy,, Udacity, Futurelearn are popular online learning apps. In the Indian scenario, the growth of online education showed a rapid progress in the post pandemic situation. Byju’s- the learning app, Unacademy, Vedantu, Whitehat, Teded are the well-known Indian top online education platforms with more than 50 lakhs subscribers offering different programmes by live classes, student interactions, Personal study planning, Mock tests for competitive exams etc.

Acquiring knowledge from anywhere at 24*7 makes the education process convenient and easy for students. To sum up, let’s have a look at how mobile education apps encourage the online learning process.

1. Convenience & Any time availability

Convenient learning

 Students can gain knowledge through mobile apps from anywhere at any time. Unlike educational institutions, mobile apps are available 24*7. As compared to offline learning, students can easily access their classes and clear their doubts at any time without tensions of time frame. Most of the mobile apps are student-friendly, thereby students can operate the app without any effort whenever they feel like studying.

2. Portability & Flexibility 

Mobile portability

Smartphones are portable. Because of its flexibility, we can keep it with us anywhere we are going. Due to this benefit, studying is not restricted to classrooms alone. Learners can use mobile apps for learning new things at any point in a day no matter where they are.

3. Availability of Study Materials

availability of study materials

Educational Apps provide an ocean of  online study materials in the form of e-books, pdf, tutorials which makes student’s learning free from doubts and confusions. They can access these online materials & references with a single click. Students don’t need to buy books and go to libraries as they can save both money & time.

4. Better Interaction 

Better Interaction 

Earlier, Students had minimal options for studying. Now the mobile gadget provides information by using different teaching methods like video tutorials, puzzles & educational games. Mobile app learning is highly interactive in nature, so the students can comfortably cover their study portions and needn’t to get connected always. Personalization is another benefit offered by Mobile Apps. This advantage avoids the communication gap between students and teachers as it is impossible for a teacher to monitor the students in a classroom individually.

5. Cost Effectiveness

cost effectiveness

Mobile App Learning is more cost-effective than classroom learning. Students can save money and also avoid the expenses of buying books, travelling charges, and other miscellaneous expenses. Students can access everything which is related to their study through online without going anywhere.

6. Easy Teaching Method

Easy Teaching Method

Mobile Apps promote the idea of ‘Effortless Teaching Method’. Educational apps impart virtual learning which is advantageous for students to understand the lessons & portions graphically. Most educational apps assist students to prepare for various examinations by enabling them real-time practices, giving mock-tests etc. Therefore, Teachers don’t want to fret anymore about the results of the students as the mobile apps can improve the score of the students.

Conclusion The world is transforming with the coming of new technologies. Certainly, we can say that mobile learning has given the students better options for creative learning. In the course of time, the number of users using educational apps will increase. Numerous schools are now adopting various kinds of educational apps for easing the study of students. Mobile applications are the future of education and it ultimately helps for the growth of the educational sector.